Black letters crept across the expensively-embossed letterhead like a tiny snail, leaving a trail of slime in its path

“We will be petitioning the Court for full custody…”

Alan was making good on his threat; he would let her leave, but she would not take his children he had told her; as if she had been nothing but a vessel for their delivery.

Rachel looked up from the lawyer’s  letter while trying hard to control her emotions. She didn’t want to lose her temper and have her soon to be ex- husband Robert use it against her. So she bit her lower lip and listened as  he went on and on about how she cannot afford to maintain the children.

“Rach’, let’s admit it. You will not be able to maintain the kids. I am just saving you.”

Rachel bit her lip even harder, till she tasted blood upon her tongue. Everything sounded like an insult. This man, seated across her; the man who didn’t even know how to have a conversation with his children was now implying that she was not a good mother.  Simply because he made more money than she did. It made her feel physical pain.

He smiled at her smugly, took a paper napkin and wiped his mouth. Rachel could not even look at him. She felt disgusted.

“Let’s do this the easy way. I guess you will know what to do….let me have the kids. I am marrying Gracia and she is good with the kids. Do this for the kids will ya?”

Rachel nodded. Then she smiled and watched him leave. It just dawned on her that “till death do us part”  had developed a new meaning in her mind.

Death will do them part alright!


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