I come from Kisumu city…
…the town of my upbringing. Of scorching sun, and a thousand dozen stars upon the skyline where I made several wishes, telling God many things, chief among them being that I wanted big big things…some of which have happened.
….where my mother fried golden fish and sold them to give us education and a brilliant future. Where I first tasted marshmallows and the sticky dates that my friend used to carry to school….

fish 2

I come from my mama’s womb….

she who bore me, and four other beautiful siblings. My sisters and my brother.  The one who taught us the value of good music, good morals, and choosing our battles, long before we grew up. The one who loved us before we took our first breathes and the one who loves us still…
My mama, the home maker, the fish monger, the profound singer, the cake baker who always wears dangling earrings that stream down her neck….the smiler, the one with a gap between her teeth…..that is where I come from.

The one who  continually whispers the name of the Lord in our lives, even when we feel God is in a far far distance!
I come from powerful books….
Life altering, browning pages of words that flowed and transported me to different places. Books that were layered with deep imagery and delicious vocabulary that melted me and made me shiver. I come from Wahome Mutai’s “Whispers’ column at the Sunday Nation, A thousand splendid suns, I know why the caged bird sings, The Kite Runner, Chinua Achebe’s proverbs and other succulent books.

I come from Brokenness:

Of a broken body, tears flowing and knees bending. I come from hundreds of broken Ha-lle-luyas muttered from a place deep within me.

I come from cancer, of disease incapacitating, of surgeries that scared the hell or of me. I come from a series of healing….of searching for God’s arm, falling on my knees over and over.

I come from sighs, of scattered pieces of me that I am learning to gather. I come from growth, of self, and walking away from several things. I come from my own liberation, of learning how to let go and accept that I am whole only if I accept that I am broken.

I come from tears falling, heart mending, and learning over and over…..


I come from immense LOVE!
The unequivocal  and so so so remarkably great love. The love that rains hard, the one thatcannot be stopped. Love that surrounds me and drowns me. The love that assures me that whatever happens, I will never be alone.

The love of my beloved, he who walks with a huge part of me! Mwaah, the love of my siblings, the foundation upon which I grow, the love of my friends, who make me smile and embrace who I am.  The love of my whole family, and their presence in most things that I do. The ones who nudge me oh so often towards the direction of my dreams.

The love of God, the one who RESTORES. The love of my mama, the one who taught me all I know about class and grace.

I come from a past, the things that made me who I am today…..and I am walking towards my new future.

I cannot wait for 2015.
It will be my year great promise….. a year of CLAIMING things that I have always wanted to do, It is my year of focus, and shutting out the noise. I cannot wait!
Hooooray…..to many more…of where I come from!

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9 thoughts on “WHERE I COME FROM………..

  1. joy musy


  2. Beautiful piece…!

  3. i come from God the lover and redeemer of my soul

  4. Carole Muga-Ben

    I am speechless, nice piece as always. go gal!!

  5. adhiambo

    nice piece

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