If you want to live a satisfactory life, then it is time for you to do some self evaluation to determine the things that are holding you back. Most people do not realize that they have the power to control their lives and that they have a button to their own happiness. If only we could internalize the things that we need to stop doing…

1. Stop giving negative people a chance in your life:

The people who speak negativity into your life. Those who put you down and focus on what you are doing wrong…the ones who are keen on identifying what is wrong with your life. They do that because you allow them. It is about time you kick out all the negative people out and flow with those who bring out the best in you. Ignore those who dim your light until they realize how irrelevant they are in your existence.


2. Stop dwelling in the past:
You may have made several mistakes in your past. Things may have gone wrong and left you undone. But it is now time to move on  and grasp the present and the future. There is no time to wallow in the past and cry about how you wish things were different. Time keeps moving…tic-toc…the past is gone. It is time for a new beginning. Start yours now.

Crossing out Lies and writing Truth on a blackboard.

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3. Stop comparing yourself with other people:

So what if other people have done things that are still elusive to you? So what if you seem to be a bit behind. Embrace the fact that everyone of us is coming from a unique background. The things you have battled, other people have not. There are things that you have achieved, that they haven’t. So stop looking at other people  with the thought that they have it all. Take flight…your own flight and be happy with your life choices.

stop it
4.Stop depending on other  people to give you purpose and happiness in life:

Take charge of your own happiness. Live. Love. Laugh. Continue….
Do not keep pegging your enjoyment of life on  your relationship, or friendship. Be you….and think about the things that you love. Do them, regardless of who wants to do them with you. When you start enjoying yourself without relying on others, then you will find life’s beautiful purpose. Drink coffee, listen to music, dance, sleep… be happy!


5. Stop complaining and whining about how unfair life is:
So what if you have not had things easy? True, you have struggled in relationships, you have sunk into financial problems, you have wallowed in hopelessness, you have cried the whole night when the world was asleep, you have stared into blackness and wondered if you will rise from  it….but that is not your definition. Your struggles are not who you are! Complaining and whining about how hard life is will not change anything.  Learn, and live!


6. Stop holding grudges:
People will hurt you, people will shock you by doing things you didn’t expect them to. Even those closest to you will do things that will uproot the trust you had in them. However, holding a grudge doesn’t help you. It only enslaves you by keeping you on a leash, hoping that something bad will happen to those you are holding a grudge on. Let go! It doesn’t mean that you start trusting them again. No, all it means is that you stop making them relevant in your life… frees you and allows you to focus on other important things. Oy! with the bitterness already!

7. Stop trying to run away from your issues:
Sometimes it seems easier to ignore stuff and bury yourself in the proverbial sand. Sadly, it doesn’t change a thing. If you have messed up, acknowledge it, and work towards your rising! Do not try to distract yourself with other things, in the hope that things will work themselves out. No, you have to take control and align things for yourself.

8. Stop ignoring your own needs:
It is okay to love other people and to prioritize their needs. However, you should never abandon yourself completely as you try to take care of someone else. People will call you selfish, but in real sense, they are the ones who are selfish. For them to expect you to immerse yourself in  helping them figure out how their lives should be, while yours is in a standstill. So, take some time off , take care of yourself….


9.Stop being too careful to avoid making mistakes.
Perfection is boring!  Dare to do the thin gs that scare you the most. Set up a financial goal higher than you think you can. Apply for that job that everyone else thinks you can’t get. Bid for something that shakes your frame. Think of yourself as the best. Trust me, mistakes are the best part of success. They teach you things you didn’t know about yourself. So, STOP second guessing yourself. Just jump in…..take a leap and see how it unfolds.

goldfish jumping out of the water

10. Stop being so ungrateful:
Are you waiting for something BIG to happen in your life for you to start being grateful? Your breakthrough perhaps? That is not how it is done. Look around you…you will see immense beauty, some of which are your own creation. Think about your family, the things that make you happy, the journey you have walked to be where you are today! Aren’t you grateful for life? For the a thousand possibilities ahead of you? For the fact that you are who you are!

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  1. lishakinyi

    Number 1 and 8 are so on point,maybe cos I totally relate with them.Great stuff.

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