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  1. Live and enjoy what you have

Most of the times, we find ourselves stuck in the thought that we can only be happy when we have reached a certain level…that we will only start living happily when we find someone to love us, when we get that ‘ideal’ job, or when we own that house in the leafy parts of the country. Yet time is so fleeting and as you are busy thinking about the ultimate fulfillment, you miss so much on the simple things that you have. You miss much on catching up with your family, hanging out with your friends, finding something that can fill in your days, like writing, dancing, learning new stuff. Life is brief, and in as much as we should be aware of the looming tomorrow we shouldn’t fail to acknowledge that today is also a day that should be lived!

  1. Learn from your mistakes, and keep moving

Sometimes we go off course and we lose the focus that we once had, sometimes we do things that shock everyone around us and shakes their belief in us, and sometimes, we do things that hurt us and the people around us, and we are so pressed down, that we wonder if we will ever rise up from that dust and be who we have always wanted to be. Mistakes are made, and they should be a stepping stone to greater things. Through the mistakes that we make, we are should be able to become better people, we should be able to apologize and say that “What I did was wrong…” and we should be able to get moving and not get glued into the pasts that we cant change. Sometimes mistakes are our ways of finding the inner strength that we have.

  1. Your happiness is a priority

It is about time that you realize that you matter, that nobody is responsible towards making you happy, and that while you are wallowing in worry and wondering when you will be happy, the sun keeps coming out daily. Your happiness matters and you shouldn’t sabotage yourself trying to cater for other people’s happiness while you abandon yourself.   Life is for those who dare to laugh and live

  1. Hang out  with the right people.

Spend more time with people who build you, people who add value to your life, and people who can tell you when you are going off. Sometimes all that matters is to be surrounded by people who appreciate you, love you, and are willing to spin the wheel towards your success. By all means, get rid of people who you feel are putting you down and make you question your strength every time that they are with you. Some people can intoxicate you with their negative energy, so the sooner you distance yourself, the better.

  1. Dream and do

So you have always had a dream to do something since childhood, but there are so many barriers and fears holding you down? Sometimes we have dreams that would blow up into great things, but we hold ourselves back because we do not believe in ourselves, because we think that if we start chasing our dreams, we will fail, yet sometimes the only thing holding ourselves back is us – because we refuse to dare. So we die and we are buried with our unexplored dreams.



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