I (HEART) SEX……and the city

I have to admit something; I am rarely swooped in by the hype. I rarely get into the flow, like when people are talking so much about something, I am the one who acts ‘cool’ and ignores it till the hype is gone. I watched “Why did I get married” late last year after everyone had stopped talking about it.

And the same goes for “Sex and the city” well, I had heard so much about it, but I never really got to sit down and watch it.. Even after my movie guy begged me to give it a try, I didn’t show an interest, until recently.  And after watching the last episode, after marking a few scenes, after everything, I was blown off to Kingdom come….WOW!

Sex and the city got me thinking: “What is it about sex and the city that keeps people glued in, episode after the other? Is it the Manolo, the Jimmy Choos, the Dolce & Gabbana? Is it the high end fashion, the sexy attire that no columnist would afford in real life (Giggles) What is so intriguing about it eh? Is it the sipping of cosmos, the strutting in and out of clubs, the life on a fast lane?

Is it the yummy men who you can just put on the bed and eat, errm, allow me please….akina Mr. Big, Mikhail and all those men who had sex oozing all over them?

Is it?

Ahh, sex and the city is crazily spicy, it is delicioys, it is sensual, saucy, scandalous, unattainable, and ohhhhh, DIRTY….

So is it the sex? The bang in the office, the unashamed cougars, the peeling of clothes off the body, layer by layer till the other stands nude and shivery in front of the other? Is it the clenching of fits, the bodies merging, the rhythm, the movement?

Is it?



Not for me.


The reason I loved sex and the city was the friendship. Yes…the bond between the women. For a moment there, I was jealous. Without Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda, without that glue that seals them together, I don’t think I would have followed the series that much. I get bored easily.

It is that friendship that gives it the oomph!

In it, I saw unconditional love, I saw a group of women who hold another down during tough situations. I loved how they listened to each other; how they are able to open up and talk about ANYTHING under the planet at that small café where they would meet when the day ends. I wished I had a friend who I can meet at a café  and talk my troubles away.


Just a group of women, talking about their fears, their dreams, their sex, or lack of it, their pasts, their predicaments….the universal story of humanity, of womanhood, of the elusive thing called love, of healing, of cancer, of childbirth, of lost souls, of tears, of falling, of rising….ahhhhh, I love sex and the City!

The way I see it, sex and the city is not about sex entirely. Nope. Neither is it about strutting in high heels down the street rocking a chanel bag or Vera wangs. It is not about leaving lipstick marks on expensive cosmo glasses or blowing hot air on the neck of a dangerously young man. No babe.


It is about Miranda.About Carrie, Samantha and Charlotte. The connection they have, the way they bond, the compliment each other, they let out their spirit, they give, they take, they talk out their secrets, they tell each other off, they fall out, they make up, they point out flaws, they apologize….


It is a combination of lessons of friendship. Exactly how it should be.

friend 2

It is like being in a classroom of friendship!

Ma’ Sex and the City is  so much more than sex, seduction, sweet pink drinks, and superficiality. It is about friends supporting each other, cheering the other on….

 Here is a little lesson for you…episode was about falling and getting back up…oh, sex rocks!


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One thought on “I (HEART) SEX……and the city

  1. Lish

    Exactly my sentiments!Its th bonding among th women which got me glued up to the end..
    You put it so well;so simple yet detailed..I like!

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