Two years back, I read the book Eat. Pray. Love. by Elizabeth Gilbert. I was immediately swept by her wit, I mean, the book is filled with these small bits of wisdom that seemed to be talking specifically to me at that time.
See, in 2010, I went through the shittiest times of my life, and the book, somehow brought back a part of me that I was losing in the process of taking in the waves of pain that were coming in.
And then , last year, Simon bumped into these chick flicks that are hawked all over town, the Blue tray movies, that had several of romantic movies that he hoped would act as a very nice valentines gift to me…and then it happened. In those very random movies, I bumped into Eat. Pray. Love – the movie.
I was in love…because the movie was powerful, and it spoke to my heart. I will pick just a small part of it, and talk on about it (Ha! Its my blog, so I get to have the much spoken about poetic license)
Anyway, so, what caught me about this movie was when Liz, the lead character is learning Italian and then the man teaching her tells her about ATTRAVERSIAMO….


It means “Lets cross over” he says.
And it catches me so much, I pause it, and I write down that word…because it sounds so beautiful, it sounds so magical, like a drop of honey rolling upon warm tongue.
It means “lets have a transformation…lets start again, let us have a CROSSOVER…

ATTRAVERSIAMO! Isnt it a beautiful word? I can say it over and over and still fall in love with it.


No. Pause. Think. Let the syllables slide upon your tongue.
Say it loud. Whisper it…melt it in your tongue like white chocolate…mhhhh…
ATTRAVERSIAMO….! So beautiful.


This is where the story starts….
I look at my life, and I marvel at the number of crossovers that I have had to take to be where I am. Well, I am not at a point of perfection, there are things that I still want to do, there are things that I want to achieve, but one thing I am happy about is that I have peace – a piece of mind.
I am ruined from some of the past experiences, because some are so heavy, but I am learning to let go. I am learning to do the ATTRAVERSIAMO…to just move on, and get to another place. I am learning to leave behind the past pains and become another person. I am learning to take flight and not focus on things that threatened to break me.

I am learning to be whole again.
There are life experiences that you go through, and they leave an indelible mark in the book of your life, but I am learning to open new pages, not to delete the past, but to reform how they made me feel. I am doing ATTRAVERSIAMO…I have been doing it for a while now, and I am enjoying the liberation.
You go through some situations, a broken heart, a betrayal, an abuse of any form, a life threatening disease, a death of a loved one…a series of sorrows and mourning….you go through that and it changes every fiber of who you are….a lot of things stop to matter, apart from LETTING GO, of the trauma, of the pain, of the loss of self esteem, of the thousand pieces that fell apart leaving you empty….

I say ATTRAVERSIAMO…arise, and cross over, to a beautiful place. To FREEDOM.


One thing that I leaned from the book was the rules of freedom:

1. Life’s metaphors are God’s instructions.

2. You have just climbed up and above the roof, there is nothing between you and the Infinite; now, let go.

3. The day is ending, it’s time for something that was beautiful to turn into something else that is beautiful. Now, let go.

4. Your wish for resolution was a prayer. You are being here is God’s response, let go and watch the stars came out, in the inside and in the outside.

5. With all your heart ask for Grace and let go.

6. With all your heart forgive him, forgive yourself and let him go.

7. Let your intention be freedom from useless suffering then, let go.

8. Watch the heat of day pass into the cold night, let go.

9. When the Karma of a relationship is done, only Love remains. It’s safe, let go.

10. When the past has past from you at last, let go.. then, climb down and begin the rest of your life with great joy.”
(Quotes from Elizabeth Gilbert)



ATTRAVERSIAMO good people….I choose to cross over, till I find the ultimate happiness. Till I am liberated from the shackles that once held me down. I choose to be FREE, to FORGIVE, to CROSS OVER.

Attraversiamo…its about opening new chapters in life, it is about BEING!

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  1. Encouraging… Nice piece:)

  2. irene june

    Attraversiamo,i love this word even went looking for it’s meaning the first time i read it in one of your notes but now i know it’s Italian……beautiful

  3. Sweetnes

    Nicee.. Needed to hear it.

  4. Marina

    You stop and think….things do happen for a reason… Just watched “Eat, Pray, Love” again..
    Gives me hope… it gets better with time.. peace of mind its not an illusion..
    It talks to the heart openly, without holding back…
    I am on my way to attraversiamo…!!!!

  5. Grazie, Marcia. This was so synchronistic for me, to come across your blog when I did. I was checking the spelling of ‘attraversiamo’ as I wanted to post a comment about it on my FB ~ *Marcia Angelis (*I kid you not lol) ) I love Eat Pray Love. I have seen it soooo many times now. I even bought the soundtrack CD. Grazie ❤

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